You know how every couple is these days, they would like to give their partner a name or two other than the very name their parents had already given them. Some would say “honey”, while others would go with “love.” These are rather good, but there’s one thing that really irks me, and it’s the shortened version of baby now prostituted as “bae.”

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Initially, I thought it was some fucking Korean derivative. And I hate Koreans. But, since it’s from Americans, damn I hate my kin. Why can’t they try something more appropriate rather than a forcibly sounding cute single syllable coinage? Babe would be the best if there was one. Speaking of, the Network tells us how every babe should be. Now we’ll have it up for a quick review.

Babes Network is a rather one of a kind soft core porn site by simply denying itself to be one. Instead, it claims to be a glam core site, which is pretty much the same thing, but not really, because it is a lot better than any most soft core porn site would do. They go by glam core simply because of the beautiful young women they have in their line of models. Not only are they utterly attractive, they are also with great talent and highly expressive of their fervor in the craft of sensuality. The videos, with these wonderful girls, are able to create a mass effect to the viewers by incorporating their expertise on kamasutra positions that dwell on the softer side of it. Regardless, the impact is rather intense, helping the male species have a more stirred imagination for the perfect ejaculation.

To get an actual glimpse of what the Network is really able to offer, they have released 14 videos as sample materials. So basically, you can opt to viewing that by dropping by their site. As far as actual content goes, there are 540 plus videos in their database and all of them are in HD mode. The models are super hot, above average. They have been handpicked by the most serious nudists out there, who have the perfect eye for weighing options. The models are encouraged to do freestyle, which gives a more real feel than the growing crowd of frivolous porno out there. Most certainly, you will want to find someone you can call “babe” in the process. The site makes sure you’ll realize that. And it’s only $9.95 a month.