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There’s always that one person who will always have a place inside your heart. You know how sometimes relationships don’t always end up well. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the love is gone — its just that the personalities don’t match and it’s better yet to leave things behind.

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This theme is purely conspicuous with a site I’m going to review today; though this one’s got a different twist. It’s called GF Revenge, so read on for the quick look.

Just with the name of the site itself, you should be able to surmise what the premise is all about. Actually, it can be taken to mean in different ways. GFRevenge is focused on broken relationships reeling into one hell of a fiasco, when the girl meets the new girl she had been cheated with to let her see that she’s still nailing ex-boyfriend even after the break. The real hook about this portal though is that it extracts videos that are real; submissions of vengeful exes to expose the naughty and nasty side of their exes. Like how better could it possibly get? It’s authenticity at the front!

One of the most interesting questions this site raises is this: How my does one get paid for every submission? The minimum is a hundred bucks and yes, that’s the least of what you get for exposing your ex-girlfriend’s nude pussy and tits and you know it’s well worth it. Then again, they have the rating system that could possibly raise the price of your submission to a much higher value, which means you’ll get famous and you get the money. If you’re submitting a video and it’ll get approved, you get a thousand bucks and you’ll have more reasons to play with your willy to bang more chicks. Anyway, as of today, there are 289 full movies you can enjoy in the GFR database, each good for at least 15 minutes. So far, in my experience, all the girls look enamoring and they have their ways around playing with the D.

The real best part about GF Revenge is that you only get to pay $9.95 a month. With all the videos plus the thousands of photos you get to enjoy, it’s simply the best you can spend out of such a cheap monthly expense. Enjoy!