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We see things differently and I know that for sure. There are differences in the ways we see the stars. For some, it’s just a shiny rock in the sky and for others, it would be poignant reminders about the struggles of life, the loss of a loved one, a kind of beautiful love that has gone astray and all the dramas that happen in a person’s life.

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For others, it’s just another girl walking past the street. She’s sexy and pretty and nice and feisty and all the superficialities we can ascribe upon such an adorable object. For someone out there, he would say that he knows that girl and he wants to be with him. If you want to see porn with this kind of interesting drama, I would prefer I Know That Girl.

What I really appreciate most about porn is when it has some real drama injected in it. After so many years of watching prurience in the virtual context, I have developed some immunity from the innocence a virgin would have. I now, more than ever, tend to see the beauty beneath the superficial aspects of porn. I would like to know the story of every character and I would even want to delve deeper into their personal lives. I may not have been able to do all of this, but at least IKnowThatGirl gives me the kind of drama it takes to really magnify the sexiness of every porn video. Perhaps like me, you are prone to develop an intoxication to it if you are really passionate about sensuality.

What’s inside the package is always the most important thing for everything. With IKTG, you get to choose from a vast range of videos depicting the love of wonderful couples, the frustrations of a hopeless romantic, exes getting together again after a long time for a one night stand and so long the list goes. There are currently over 1,000 videos to choose from with every piece being a magical 30-minute rendition of anything relevant to love and sex and passion and magic.

In addition, you can actually download the videos from the site. And as promised, they give you nothing but HD kind of porn. Right from the videos all the way to the stills, you’ll get more than the satisfaction you desire. All that with I Know That Girl.