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How would you like to have sex? Yes, that’s always the answer. Batman is not always the answer. Yes to sex is always the answer. But, what if you were asked to create a sex video? It’s easy to guess that you may have some personal qualms on that matter. You’re going to be published, in a seemingly notorious way. But, what if it came with up to ten thousand dollars worth of cash?

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Quite tempting and yes, the answer to that would be yes. Care to volunteer? You actually have the option to do that with Dare Dorm, a submission site for college boys and girls, which I am going to do a quick review about now.

It’s hard to find porn sites to make submissions to that would give a sure pay. Let alone submission sites that would pay much. But with Dare Dorm, everything just seems too good to be true, but they really are true. It’s not exactly that your porn video will be published, but there’s always a high probability to that. One thing that would really drive you to do your best would be the fact that the least they pay is a thousand bucks and the highest being ten grand. That basically means getting published means getting big money at once. If you want to see the kind of content they accept, you should perhaps watch the wonderful videos in their database, all submissions of college folks like you!

There are currently 115 scenes to play within the D-Dorm virtual landscapes. You’d come to notice that the videos are actually unadulterated, natural and unscripted. They are made by hot and passionate babes together with the company the different Adonises of the college setting. You can download one video a day if you are a member of the site. The streaming experience is magical with its raw and out videos. Totally dope. You know those vids that would make you go “yo, bro, you gotta see this!” That’s what I’m talking about.

In addition, the $17.95 a month you have to spend for a subscription includes monthly bonuses and wildcard videos. With that being said, Dare Dorm is the ultimate college based reality porn site you have to look up to.